Using Language against them
#French, Spanish, Chinese and more
Anytime an opponent uses a language other than English, get video. It is an ideal opportunity to accuse them of being un-american !!!
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Block any legislation opposed to our goals
#then Blame our opponents
Even with a minority, we can play the role of "loyal opposition" meaning that we block all appointments of anyone to fill the offices under the executive branch as well as any legislation that will help the economy or rebuild infrastructure. This is essential to showing the public our opponents are losers!
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Use Values to get elected
#Once elected it doesn't matter :)
We are at a crucial point in history, by working carefully in concert, we can get the public on our side and convince them to vote on the basis of "values", then after we gain power, we can reset mechanisms in our favor to create more decisions in the vein of Citizens United & insure further profits.
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Privatize Profits and Socialize Losses.
Today more than ever before, we have burgeoning opportunities in America to increase profits for our major multinationals. It is important to get involved by suppoorting Citizens United, so that we are not limited in our ability to influence elections and then through getting our people elected insuring that we can change voting registration laws (returning them to laws that will require voters to own property in order to vote:)



Often the best place to begin is at the basic level of local School Boards, we can insure that T party candidates get elected and thereby roll back science classes and with our suppoprt they will even add in bible curriculae and creationism!

Support your local T partiers so that we can get more anti-tax people into office and eventually eliminate all taxation and thereby after reducing the quality of education then we can eliminate public schools altogether through privatization!

Leverage state elections to achieve national goals. By capturing state legislatures, we can insure that districts are redistricted to give us the edge in coming elections.

It is essentail to use our superior intellect and education to manipulate the working poor and middle classes. We can help them to make the proper decisions which benefit us while they are voting to benefit themselves. Good ways to do this is to talk about "American Values" and accuse opponents of Corporate Socialism of being "European".

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